Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Worship Conversation

"Now sing praises to God! Every kingdom on earth, sing to the Lord! Praise the one who rides across the ancient skies; listen as he speaks with a mighty voice." (Psalm 68:32-33, CEV)

Worship is communication. That means talking and listening. (And I'd hope more listening than talking or singing. The old cliche about having two ears and one mouth and listening twice and much as speaking applies here quite well, I believe.

In writing fiction, those non-dialogue bits that appear to give the speaking parts rhythm and pacing are called "beats," and they give the reader an opportunity to let the words said sink in.

Even worship music has beats, those times when we need to take our focus off our singing and just listen. Sometimes that happens when the band is silent. Sometimes that happens when the band is simply playing an instrumental interlude. And sometimes it can happen in those rare songs that people sing the choruses and sit out during the verses. The important that is that we as a team build in time to encourage God's people to converse and not just sing, to listen and not just talk, to now God more by what He says to us than what we sing to Him.

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