Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Go ye and do likewise?
I was somewhat worried how the event would be received by the general public—not so much because of the ideals embraced by the ONE initiative, but because of the event's deeply evangelical overtones. The emcee, for example, was Rev. Herbert Lusk, whose impassioned parlance and opening prayer were offered as if the event were a church service. Immediately following his prayer, Bread for the World president David Beckmann gave a short speech and prayed. I wondered if such blatant displays of faith would turn would deter a non-religious person from supporting the cause, fearing they might be endorsing a particular religious agenda in doing so.

Funny how we tend to praise Bono as a Christian saint or lambast him as a psuedodevil when he defies our expectations of him depending on our moods, isn't it?

On the other hand, I think that Bono is a great role model for Christians. He thinks for himself. He lives his faith authentically, not bowing to the institutionalized church but the church as a body of people with many shared and some not-so-shared beliefs. He puts "hands and feet" on his faith by caring for and doing something about people's needs, be they hunger or AIDS. When he's angry at how a "Christian" West treats the rest of the world , he yells "fuck" from the stage to make his concerns and righteous anger known. When he's worshipping, he sings "hallelujah" with equal gusto.

Not a bad role model at all, if you ask me.


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