Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Well and Holy Group of Us?

"I can't wait to hear what he'll say.
God's about to pronounce his people well,
The holy people he loves so much,
so they'll never again live like fools.
See how close his salvation is to those who fear him?
Our country is home base for Glory!" (Psalm 85:8-9, The Message)

The simple truth of worship is that God loves us. I think we tend to overemphasize our own importance and think that, even if just a little bit, it's about what we are doing and saying to God. But it's not. It can't be. We don't have it in us to really worship him. The truth be told, we're probably thinking about our next chord change, not missing the words, the football game after church, or what our children did that morning that really made us made and put us in a bad mood for church. (Or maybe that's just me...)

Somehow, when we're supposed to be focused on simply loving and adoring and celebrating our Lord, we just plain can't sustain that kind of focus. Maybe that's why I love to read stuff like this in Psalms:

God's about to pronounce his people well,
The holy people he loves so much...

If God can love us and call an imperfect and undeserving group of worshipers well and holy, then I'm safe in knowing that its all about him doing the act of worship through me, and I'm good with knowing that worship doesn't have to happen because of me or my ability to "do" it.

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