Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Two strong op ed column blogs... (I think)
Coming from a position of Christianity, and a Christian position that seeks to reveal many of the fallacies of the conservative fundamentalist slant in my chosen faith, I found these two blog entries really interesting.

I think the article names in the links below say plenty all by themselves.


From the above link:
I remember about eight years ago when then presidential candidate George W. Bush repeatedly claimed that he would restore honor to the presidency, soiled as it had been by our previous president's infamous affair. I remember hoping he would succeed. But a new kind of shame has come to the office and to our nation as reports surface about our government's secret authorization of torture. We all share in this shame.

From the above link:
However the vast majority of Americans, especially those who describe themselves as born again Christians, are solidly in support of Bush, and even question the Christian identity and commitment of those who disapprove of Bush...

The only problem is that somehow his aggressive American-ness has been identified with his being a Christian. But we in India cannot see the war as the work of a Christian.


What I'd love to see is a candidate who is either a conservative democrat or a liberal republican, someone who supports the poor and elderly and opposes a proactive war but supports a strong military, who seeks equity in taxation across all income levels, but also encourages responsible exercise of free speech in media and art without creating censorship options (prefer a sort of responsible self-censorship as self-sacrifice for the greater good and a willingness to discuss what that means without resorting to bipartisan name-calling), and open discussion on hot bed topics such as abortion and illegal immigration without having to castigate either side as evil or "the enemy" (at worst) or stupid uninformed religious hicks or liberal nutjobs (at best).

But sadly, I don't expect to find that anytime soon.

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